Monday, October 13, 2008

Jaws : Recommnedations

Gentle recommendations from past experiences:

On food costs and stocks and inventory for kitchen
Nominate an inventory I/C – e,g. Myrna - who will have to bear full responsibility on the all food items - preventing 5 bottles of the same item being opened irresponsibly and minimizing wastage of perishables. i.e. If anyone wants to open a new bottle/ can/ jar of anything, she must check the current stock and give her OK

On saving electricity, here are some suggestions I've provided to in my previous PUB endeavour
Locate most expensive utilities – my guess will be air-conditioning, fridges and water
For the AC, we can put in a timer for maximum of 8 hours on at a time unless manually turned off / on again
For the fridges
i. Avoid piling it too much with food and items or it will go into overdrive and super power up

ii. Reducing each fridge will save you up to S$100 each on your elect bill as that is how much 'industrial' fridges like yours can cost

On H2O
i. Check to all bidets and cisterns to ensure that the systems are not leaking as leakage is very costly

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